Tuition and Fees


All Fees and Payments:

AUTOMATIC BANK ACCOUNT DEBIT OR AUTOMATIC CREDIT CHARGES: All students are required to have a bank account or credit card on file for payment of outstanding balances. All fees for enrolled students must be paid via Automatic Bank Account Debit or Automatic Credit Card Charge. We do not accept cash or checks for enrolled students. Tuition will be automatically debited from your bank account or charged to your credit card on the 1st day of each month in which your dancer(s) is enrolled. A listing of charges and payments for your family is viewable online at the SDC customer portal.

All Tuition and Fees are non-refundable, non-negotiable and subject to change. The only refunds given will be for classes canceled by the studio. Any prepayments or credits must be used within 12 months. 

Fee Summary

Registration Fees: Each student is required to register prior to participating in their first class. It is preferred to complete registration online at Registration can be completed in person on designated registration days. At the time of registration, it is required to establish either a credit card or banking account for payment of all fees.

$20 Annual Registration Fee (non-refundable) [Or $35/Family] Due upon at the time of initial registration and annually on August 1st or upon registration for the school year (August-July).

Late Payments:/Non-Sufficient Funds

  • Payments are considered late after the 1st of the month. Accounts that are over 45 days past due will result in your child not being unenrolled and you will still be responsible for paying the account balance whether your child is in class or not. Account balances will continue to accrue until balances are paid in full and/or parents contact the office staff and withdraw their students. Parents are responsible for all balances accrued to up until the office staff is contacted by parents to withdraw the student. Any delinquent account after 2 months will be sent to collections. 
  • If a fee payment is rejected due to Non-Sufficient Funds in a checking account or due to an invalid credit card, it is the parent’s responsibility to provide a valid form of payment.

Tuition: Due the first day of each month.

Monthly Tuition unless otherwise stated:

45 Minute/Week $44/month

 1 Hour Class/Week $49/month

1.5 Hour Class/Week $76/month

 Multi Class Discounts Starting August 2024

Small discounts will be applied based on the total number of dance hours. Please see chart below for prices.

Unlimited Class Rate: $255.00/Month for up to two Family Members taking 7 or more hours of class per month Plus $50/Month for Each Additional Family Member above Two Students.



Discounted Price













































































7:00 and up



 Special Class Rates:

For classes that run in longer sessions, tuition will be calculated bases on the length of the class and the number of classes in a session (not eligible for the multi-class discount).

Pro-Rated Tuition:

Pro-Rated Tuition for New Students who Enroll in the Middle of the Month (1st Month Only):

4 classes or more remaining: 100% Tuition

3 classes remaining: 75% Tuition

2 classes remaining: 50%

1 class remaining: 25%


Tuition is not prorated or refunded for holidays. For months in which there are less than four classes due to holidays, students may choose to attend another class during the same month as a make-up. The teacher will assist in recommending an appropriate class.

Costume Fees

Total Costume Fee: $80 per child/per dance annually, paid in two installments on September 15th and November 15th.

LATE Dance Recital Costume Fee (Costumes paid for and ordered between December 1st and January 1st): $90 ($80 Costume Fee plus $10 Expedition Fee) * No Costumes will be ordered on or after February 1st!

Please note: A few special costumes (such as folklorico) may cost more than $80 but no more than $110. Parents will be notified ASAP if their costume is more than $80. Complete balance for costume is due by November 15th annually

Performing Team Costume Rental Fee: $85.00 fee per student; due annually on September 15th for performing team members only.


* Please note, parents are additionally responsible for purchasing performance shoes, tights, and sometimes costume accessories! Please see your teachers for specific shoe/tights/accessories requirements!!!

* Please note: a few special costumes (such as folklorico) may cost more than $70 but no more than $110. Parents will be notified ASAP if their costume is more than $70.

Recital Fees

Dance Recital Fee: $60 per family; Due annually on April 15th. If you do not wish to participate in the recital you must fill out a Non Participation form prior to April 15th. If you do not fill out a Non Participation form you will be billed the Recital fee. This is a non refundable fee.

The Recital Fee applies to the cost of renting the facility and other costs associated with putting on the performanceWe do recognize that participating in the recital is costly, therefore we do not charge a separate fee for tickets.


Registration Fee: This helps pay for administration costs, insurance, bank fees, and other upkeep associated with keeping a business alive.

Dance Tuition: Tuition pays for teachers, facility rental, props, music, taxes and a myriad of other items.

Dance Recital Costume Fee: This is used to pay for costumes or at least comes close to paying for them. Each year some of the total costume costs have to be subsidized with tuition as well.

Dance Recital Fee: This fee goes toward paying recital expenses. Rental of the recital facility each year costs thousands of dollars. Other recital costs include lights, gels, fog machine, equipment, music, programs, decorations, payroll, etc. While we never make a profit with recital, it is essential to developing a student’s character and is a reward for all their hard work throughout the year.

Dance Costume Rental Fee (For Performing Teams Only): This fee pays for the multiple costumes used by each student on the performance teams throughout the year. These costumes are recycled as much as possible to keep costs down. These costumes are turned in at the end of the year. Our goal is to use them for two or three years. The fee is applied to costume maintenance and repairs or may be applied towards the purchase of new costumes.