About Us

At Sahuarita Dance Center, we are grateful to have a group of talented teachers who share our love of dance and commitment to dance education. Our desire is that our students love their teachers and look forward to coming to class.

Before we hire a teacher we look for the following requirements:

  • Years of dance experience with a college degree, often in the performing arts.
  • A solid understanding of the principles behind their dance specialty.
  • A love for young students and a joyful attitude toward teaching.
  • An encouraging personality that will push our dancers to achieve their potential.

Below is the current Sahuarita Dance Center staff:

Ashley Brady
Photo of Sierra Elliot
Sierra Elliot
Photo of Tatum Fox
Tatum Fox
Photo of Michele
Michele Igasan
Photo of Isabella Jimenez
Isabella Jimenez
Photo of Marissa Law
Marissa Law
Photo of Rosella Martinez
Rosella Martinez
Photo of Yani Negrón
Yani Negrón
Photo of Jamie Quintero
Jamie Quintero
Photo of Inez Solis
Inez Solis
Photo of Roxy Solis
Roxy Solis
Photo of Mira Terraraz
Mira Terraraz
Photo of Rebekah Vanscoy
Rebekah Vanscoy
Photo of Liliana Victorino
Liliana Victorino