Gymnastics class photo

In gymnastics and cheer, students learn tumbling skills such as back bends, walk-overs, hand-stands, round-offs, back handsprings, aerials and more. From the basics to the more advanced tricks, learn techniques and exercises to learn tumbling skills! This class is a great supplement class for those students wishing to be on any of the dance teams, but is open to all students who wish to participate.

*Recommended for students wishing to participate in Dance Teams, but open to all students wishing to enroll

Pre-School Gymnastics (age 3-5 Pre-Kindergarten, Gymnastics I (ages 5-8), Gymnastics II (ages 8-11); Gymnastics III (ages 10+ Advanced)

Dress Code:

Girls: Any solid-color tight leggings, or shorts .Any solid color tight fitted, full length tank top (leotard preferred). No Shoes Please! Hair in a Ponytail.

Boys: Any solid-color athletic pants, sweats, or shorts .Any Color Top (leotard, shirt, or tank top). No Shoes Please!

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