Schedule update 8/24- Please click "read more" to see schedule

10:30a Creative Dance/Pre-Ballet 
3p Ballet level 3 
4p Lyrical/Jazz Level 3 
4p Ballet Level 4/5 
4:15p Beginning Ballet 
5p Competition Team Intermediate 
5p Creative Dance/Pre Ballet 
5:30p Ballet Level 6 
5:45p Ballet I 
6p Lyrical Jazz level 4/5 
7p Lyrical/Jazz level 6 
7p Competition Team Jr. Adv 
9:15a Creative Dance Rancho 
10a Creative Dance and pre ballet- Rancho 
2:45p ANZA TRAIL Ballet/Jazz K-2nd 
3p Ballet Level 3 
3:30p Ballet/Jazz I/II and II Combo - Rancho 
3:30p Hip Hop Beginning 
4p Ballet Jr. Adv. Level 4/5 
4:15p Ballet/Jazz I Combo - Rancho 
4:15p Hip Hop I 
5p Ballet/Jazz Combo II/ III - Rancho 
5p Hip Hop BOYS Breaking Class 
5:30p Ballet Advanced level 6 
5:30pBeginning/Intermediate Pointe 
5:45p Hip Hop II 
6:30p Hip Hop III 
7:30p Hip Hop ADV 
9:15a Creative Dance 
10a Gymnastics/Tumbling Preschool 
10:30a Creative Dance and Pre-Ballet - Rancho 
2p Gymnastics/Tumbling I 
2:45p Beginning Ballet and level 1 
2:45p Gymnastics/Tumbling I/II 
3:30p Ballet Level I/II 
3:30p Gymnastics/Tumbling I/II 
4:15p Gymnastics/Tumbling I 
4:15p Ballet II 
5p Ballet II/ III 
5p Gymnastics/Tumbling II 
5:45p Beginning Gymnastics 
5:45p Competition Team Minis 
6:30p Folklorico 
6:30p Gymnastics II/III 
9:15a Preschool Gymnastics (3-4yrs) 
10a Gymnastics pre-school 
2:45p ANZA TRAIL Ballet/Jazz 3rd-5th Grade 
3:15p Gymnastics III Beginning 
3:30p Cheer 
3:30p Hip Hop Rancho Beginning(5-8 years) 
4:15p Hip Hop I/II Rancho 
4:15p Gymnastic IV Adv. 
4:30p Cheer 
5:30p Gymnastics/Tumbling III Advanced 
5:30p Advanced Pointe 
6:30p Compeition Team- Senior Advanced 
6:30p Gymnastics/Tumbling III/IV and IV Beginning 
7:30p Teen Tumbling 
10a Pre School Gymnastics 
3:30p Gymnastics/Tumbling BOYS Level 1 and II 
4:15p Gymnastics/Tumbling III 
4:15p Teen Tap 
5:15p Tap II 
5:30p Hip Hop Team 
9:15a Gymnastics Preschool 
9:15a Pre ballet 
9:15a Ballet I 
10a Gymnastics/Tumbling Beginning 
10a Pre-Ballet 
10a Creative Dance 
10:45a Ballet I/II 
10:45a Ballet II 
10:45aGymnastics/Tumbling - Preschool 
11:30aGymnastics/Tumbling I 
11:45a Lyrical Jazz II/III 
12:15p Gymnastics I/II 
12:30p Ballet II/III 
12:30p Teen Ballet level III and IV
1:30p Teen Lyrical Jazz 
1:30p Ballet Level 5/6/7