Rules For Dress Rehearsal and Recital

350 W Sahuarita Rd

MATINEE SHOW 1, Arrive at 2:00, Show at 2:30pm
PERFORMING TEAM SHOWCASE: Arrive 5:15, Show at 5:45-6:15pm
EVENING SHOW 2, Arrive at 5:45, Show at 6:30pm.


Rules For May 22nd and 23rd at The auditorium

ARRIVE 15min BEFORE DRESS REHEARSAL! We have had students miss out because they were late. Please come just as you would for the performance with your hair pulled back, no wispy frizzy hair or half-done pony tails. Have make-up on, use browns for your eye shadow with pink blush and mascara, liner and solid red lipstick. Wear your costume with the right shoes and tights. DO NOT go straight to the auditorium and sit down, PLEASE Enter the front lobby of the auditorium, dancer will need to go to the LEFT and enter the pod where they will wait to go onstage. AGAIN, AT LEAST 15 MIN prior to stage time

Dancers Watching Dress rehearsal
Dancers can and parents are free to watch the dress rehearsal AFTER their dance is done. BEFORE that they need to check in and be in the pod ( to the left in the lobby) to wait with their class.
Parents needed back stage for help. We need help back stage to keep kids safe. We would like at least 2 Moms per dance, for any class with dancers under the age of 12. Please see sign up sheet at the studio.

Videotaping and Pictures during Dress Rehearsal
Dress Rehearsal will be your opportunity to sit and videotape your dancer. It can be a distraction to have 100 plus video cameras in the audience the night of the performance so we invite you to video during dress rehearsal. If you would like to get a DVD of performance night taken will be videotaped professionally. The cost will be $20 for 1 and $35 for 2 DVD’s. Signups currently at the studio and will be available during dress rehearsal and show time. We also can Bill your accounts



Dropping of dancers in Pod B and All Dancers watching the Recital....
If possible, we ask that one parent drop off and the same parent pick up for safety issues of the children. Easier for us to recognize correct faces. It will help with the issue of too many family members congregating at the door, waving goodbye, and causing a big in and out flow issue . It would be wonderful, if we can get it to work and improve the safety of the students greatly =) 
When Act I is over you may retrieve your child DURING INTERMISSION. If you want her or him to watch the rest of the show please bring a change of clothes to change into. IF they are watching the first half of the show in the audience and dancing in the second half of the show please bring them back AT INTERMISSION.

We do not want a mass entrance and or exit in the audience and being disruptive during show time. Dancers will be able to watch the show backstage.

Do not wear your costume out in the audience! The show will run about an 1 hr and 45 minutes
ALSO: Please Clean Up! Make sure not to leave anything behind