Recital! Recital! Recital!

Friday the 25th is Dress rehearsal! Please plan on being there about 15 min before your scheduled time and plan to stay for an hour just in case we are running late.

 Reminder please be in Full Make up and in Costume! This is your  opportunity as a parent to come up to the front and take tons of pictures and video! So we want everyone looking top notch! If you do that in the show it would be really rude but it is ENCOURAGED at dress rehearsal! (-:

The schedule is posted here and also posted on our Sahuarita Dance Facebook page. 

Dress Rehearsal and show are at the Sahuarita District Auditorium. Park in the Intermediate School Parking lot and the building is  just to the right as your face the front of the Intermeidate school. Walk to the front of the building and enter Pod B which is to the left as you enter the Auditorium. You can check in your child there and the dance Moms that have volunteered will stay there with the kids.
NO FOOD OR DRINKS except CLEAR WATER. the auditorium just had everything reupholstered so they will NOT allow anything to enter!!!! We want to respect his rule and respect the building. You will be watched by the auditorium staff as they are vigilant in this and take great pride in the auditorium.

  if you are in Act 1 please be there by 5:00 show starting at 6:30.  and if you are in Act 2 please be there by 6:30.

If you have anymore questions the Recital Info that was emailed to you and or the information on the website or facebook should answer it all but don't hesitate to email me back (-:

We are So excited! It should be an awesome show!!!