Recital Day FAQs

Recital Day FAQ

What should my dancer wear to recital?

Hair, makeup and costume are all the same as your teacher requested for picture day.  Have your dancer dressed and ready upon arrival.

What time do I need to be at the recital?

This year we will have 7 mini recitals. We are asking parents to pay careful attention to the recital information emailed. These emails will have the times for your specific show.

What happens if I am late to recital?

Please DO NOT BE LATE for recital. We have a limited amount of time for each show. Therefore, we will not wait for anyone. If your dancer and/or family member is late they may miss their rehearsal or their performance.

Where is the recital?

Recital will be held at the SUSD auditorium located at 350 W Sahuarita Rd.

Where do I go when I get there?

You and your dancer will go to the front entrance of the auditorium.

Where do I send my dancer?

You will need to take your dancer into the auditorium and find seats. Your dancer will wait with you until their teacher calls them up for dress rehearsal. After dress rehearsal they will go back to you until all classes have finished dress rehearsal. Once dress rehearsal is up, they will be called up to their teacher for the show. They will stay with their teacher until the show is over.

Where will I pick up my dancer?

After the show the dancers will be located outside with their teacher near the southern exit. You will need to sign your child out.

Where should I exit.

You will exit through the doors located near the front by the stage. There is an exit on either side of auditorium.

Do I need to exit if my child dances in back-to-back shows?

Yes, ALL FAMILY MEMBERS must exit after each show. We will need to empty the auditorium before opening the doors for the next show. After you exit you will pick up your dancer and reenter through the front. You will need to replace your wristbands with the wristband color coded for that show.  We are asking for grace in this area as SUSD is requiring we recount every person for every show. They are being very strict on the number of people in the building and how we keep track of those numbers.

Where should my dancer change costumes for their next show?

For ages 3-10 they may change costumes in the bathrooms located in the lobby. Ages 11 and up may change backstage.

Where do I get my tickets?

This year we will not have tickets. Instead, we will have wristbands that will be required for entrance. Wristbands will be color coded and may only be used for the dedicated show.


Where do I get my wristbands?

Near the entrance of the auditorium, you will see a tent. You will pick up your wristband there. You must be wearing the wristbands prior to going inside.

How many wristbands do I get?

You will get 4 wristbands.

Does my dancer need a wristband?

Dancers do not need a wristband for the shows they are dancing in. If they will be sitting in the auditorium for a show that a sibling is dancing in they will need a wristband for that show.

What time will wristbands be available?

Someone will be at the tent starting 30 minutes before each dress rehearsal.

What age child needs a wristband?

Every person will need a wristband. We are only allotted a certain number of bodies in the auditorium. SUSD is requiring that every person be counted no matter the age.

Can I get extra wristbands?

Unfortunately, we do not have any extra wristbands. We have very carefully counted ever head and arranged the shows in a way that allows for the 4 wristbands.

How many wristbands do I get if my child dances in multiple shows?

You will get 4 wristbands for each show that your dancer is in. The wristbands are color coded and can only be used for the show specified.  You will not be able to use wristbands from one show to enter a different show.

Can I pick up the wristbands for all my dancers shows at the same time?

Yes, if your child is dancing in more than one show you may pick up all the wristbands at once.  PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to do this, you must treat the wristbands like cash. They are your only way into the recital and cannot be replaced if lost. If lost you will not be able to enter the auditorium.

Does my dancer need to wear a mask?

Yes, while in the building they must wear a mask. They may remove the mask while they are on stage. We will have a clean and sanitized space for the dancers to place their mask while they are on stage.

Do me and my children need to wear a mask?

Children 4 and younger do not need a mask. However, all family members 5 and up must wear a mask while they are in the building.

Will we be required to social distance?

Yes, we are asking every family to social distance. Families may sit in every other row and leave 2 open seats between families.

Can I bring drinks and snacks into the building?

NO, SUSD has an extremely strict no food policy. You may not bring any food into the building. This includes cheerios and goldfish crackers for the toddlers. If you eat your snacks outside all trash associated with it must be