Recital costumes

Hello families,

The Sahuarita Dance Center just wanted to send a quick reminder to families that the remainding $35 for the recital costume will be taken out the 15th, which is on Friday. Now some people have been confused in the past, the $25 that has already been paid, was the deposit for a costume and the entire cost for a costume is $60, which is why we are charging the remainding fee of 35. If you have any other questions or if you are still confused by this feel free to contact us.

We wanted to also remind families that the holidays are coming up quickly and we will not be holding classes November 28-30, due to Thanksgiving. If you enrolled in any classes on these days you are welcome to take a make up class, and if you have any questions feel free to contact the office staff and they will direct you towards which class you may take.

We hope you enjoy your holiday, we will be sending another reminder as it approaches, and we also hope you are able to attend our studio's production of The Nutcracker on December 14th, again more information can be found in the office.

Sahuarita Dance Center

(520) 232-3753