May Recital Info

Dear Sahuarita Dance Parents/Guardians:

Can you believe it is already time for us to start planning for May Recital? Dance Instructors are already starting to pick their songs and costumes! Recital is tentatively scheduled for May 25th. If you have not done so already, we need all parents to stop briefly in the Sahuarita Dance Center office this week and complete a “Recital Participation Notice”, ESPECIALLY if you do NOT intend for your children to participate in May Recital! Anyone who does NOT plan to participate in May Recital is obligated (per policy) to notify the office in writing by September 1st of each year. We are extending that by one week (to September 8th) to allow you the chance to notify us now! Anyone who does NOT notify Sahuarita Dance Center in writing of plans to participate in the Recital, will be automatically charged the costume fees, as it will be assumed that you do plan to participate in Recital. These fees are NON-REFUNDABLE!

For those who have already done this, thank you! For those who have not done this, please do so by September 8th!

Recital Costume Deposit Fee: $25/student/dance Due September 15th or Upon Registration (total costume cost per student/dance is $60)

Costume Fee Balance: $35/student/dance Due November 15th

Recital Participation Fee: $35/family, Due April 15th

All Costume Fees are Non-Refundable and Non-Negotiable

Thank you,

Sahuarita Dance Center Staff