Join Sahuarita Dance Center for painting with Color Me Mine!!

Saturday November 9th from 8:30- 12:30

Bowl, Mug or Salad plate $15

Dinner plate $20

Piggy bank   $25


SDC will be hosting a Color me mine painting. Available items are a Bowl, Mug, Salad plate, Dinner plate and a Piggy bank. Items will be ready in late November.

Painting event will be held on Saturday November 9th from 8:30-12:30

Only a small number of items will be available on the day of so please pre-order. Any items purchased on the day of will have a $5 additional charge.

Any items not paid for by October 15th will have a $5 additional charge.

Additional Piggy banks will not be available the day of and cannot be ordered after October 15th



Please return the bottom portion no later than October 15th.

Name:_________________________  Number of painters_______________

Please select number of each item

_______Bowl $15   ______Mug $15     ______Salad Plate $15    _____Dinner Plate $20   _____Piggy Bank $25  

_______Check included                ______Please deduct from my account