Picture Day is coming. This is for both the gymnastics and dance classes. We divided the photos into two days. Half of our classes will be on the 26th of April and the other half will be on the 3rd of May. We use your class photo in our recital slide show so please make sure your child comes to picture day or he/she will not be in the slideshow. Also make sure you touch base with the teachers as to what color tights, style of hair, and shoes they would like for the class to be for the recital on stage.

Below on the left in bold is your photo time they need to come to. The song title they are working on is then listed and then to the right of the song is your child's class and class time they are enrolled in.

The photographers name is Brent Jackman. His website is
 He will take the photos that day and you do not have to pre-order. When he has them up on his site I will send you a link. You can order only what photos you want through his website.


Picture Day Saturday April 26th

1:00pm “Busy Bumble Bee” Creative Dance (9) Monday 9:15

1:15 “Singing In The Rain” Tap/Jazz Preschool (8) Monday 10:00am

1:30 “She’s A Butterfly” Pre-ballet (3) Monday 10:45am

1:40 “Cruisin  For A Bruisin” Gymnastics/Tumbling III (10) Monday 3:30pm

1:55 “Autumn Harvest” Beginning Ballroom (6) Monday  4:30

2:05 “Let it go” Ballet III 3:45

2:15 “Say Something”  Ballet Adv Tuesday

2:30 “Stupid Cupid” Lyrical Jazz Intermediate Monday 6:00

2:40 “Folding Chair” Performing Team Seniors

2:50 “Surfin USA “ Performing Team Intermediate

3:00 “Surfs up“ Performing Team Jrs.

3:10 “Vivaldi Summer” Performing Team Seniors

3:20 “Drip drop” Performing Team Intermediate and ALL TEAM GROUP SHOT Summer, Drip Drop, Winter Song

3:30 “Winter Song “ Performing Team Jrs.

3:40 “Thankful” Adv Jazz l

3:50 “Colors of the Wind” Ballet II/III Wednesdays 4:30

4:05 “Winter Lullaby” Tuesday Creative Dance and pre-ballet Rancho Johnna

4:20 “Fields Of Gold” Ballet V Monday Advanced

4:30 “Westerly Weather” Ballet IV Tuesdays

4:50 “Rain, Rain, Rain Comes Down” Creative Dance Wednesday Janette 9:15

5:00 “Spring Meadows Morning”? Ballet IV Monday

5:15 Gymnastics Preschool Wednesday 10:00am

5:30 “Maria Chuchena” Folklorico Wednesday 3:30

5:40 Gymnastics preschool Wednesdays 10:45

5:50 “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Senior Ballroom Wednesdays 4:30

6:00 Gymnastics II/III  Wednesdays 6:15

6:10 Gymnastics Tumbling 1 Wednesday 5:30

Photo Day Saturday May 3rd

12:45pm ANZA Ballet/Jazz classes

1:00 “Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows” Rancho Ballet/Jazz  Tuesday 4:00pm

1:15 “Vivaldi Falls” Rancho Ballet/Jazz Tuesday 5:00pm

1:30 “Ladybug Picnic” Creative Dance Rancho Wednesday 10:00 am

1:45 “To The Fairies” Pre-Ballet Rancho Wednesday 10:45

2:00 “Firefies”  Ballet I Wednesday 3:45

2:15 Hip Hop I Thursdays 4:15pm

2:30 Hip Hop Intermediate Thursday 5:00pm

2:40 Hip Hop Teen Thursday 6:00pm

2:50 Gymnastics Tumbling Friday 3:30

3:10 “Fly Me To The Moon” Tap 1 and 2 Friday 4:30/5:15

3:25 “Cruel Summer” Cheer Friday 4:30pm

3:40 Preschool Gymnastics Thursday 9:15

3:50 “Corpse Bride” Teen Ballet Saturday 11:30

4:00 Preschool Gymnastics Thursday 10:00am

4:10 Preschool Gymnastics Thursday 10:45

4:20 “Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” Creative dance Saturday 8:30am

4:35 “Let’s Sing A Spring Song” Ballet I Saturday 8:30am

4:55 “Build A Snowman” Pre Ballet Saturday 9:15

5:10 “Autumn Leaves” Ballet I Saturday 9:15

5:20 Gymnastics Tumbling  Preschool  Saturday 10:45

5:35 “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” Ballet II/III Saturday 10:45

5:50 “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend” Creative Dance Saturday 10:00 am

6:05 Gymnastics Tumbling I Saturday 10:00am

6:15 Gymnastics Tumbling II and Teen 11:30 and 12:30