Dress Rehearsal




350 W Sahuarita Rd, Sahuarita, AZ 85629

Please arrive 15 min early with costume, hair and makeup ready! IT IS VERY important your child is THERE!!!

( We realize this is a school day for some kids and work day for some parents….Please understand it is the only time we could have the rehearsals)

                                                                     MATINEE SHOW      2:30pm                                                                               

12:00     “Beauty and the Beast” Ballet I, Wednesday 3:30pm, Michele Igasan

12:10     “Great Divide”- Tinkerbell Ballet/Jazz Anza 2:30pm Carolina Jimenez

12:20     “Mary Poppins” Ballet I, Saturday 10:00am, Victoria Jimenez, Liliana Serrano

12:30     “Pom Poms”- Jonas Brothers Cheer Pom, Friday 3:30pm, Janette Borboa

12:40     “When She Loved Me”- Toy Story 2 Ballet I, Saturday 9:15, Carolina Jimenez

12:50     “Sophia the First Medley” Ballet/Jazz II, Tuesday 4:15pm, Erica Lewis

1:00        “Under the Sea”- Little Mermaid Creative Dance, Wednesday 9:15am, Janette Borboa

1:10        “A World of My Own”- Alice in Won. Creative Dance, Saturday 10:00am, Carolina Jimenez

1:20        “Kiss the Girl”- The Little Mermaid Creative Dance, Saturday 9:15 Liliana Serrano

1:30        “Blue Fairy”- Pinocchio Creative Dance, Tuesday 9:15am, Roxy Solis

1:40        “I See the Light”- Tangled Creative Dance and Pre-Ballet, Monday 10:45 am, Janette Borboa

1:50        “Light ‘em Up” Hip Hop SIS, Wednesday 2:15pm, Renee Miranda ( IN 6:30 show)

2:00        “Lilo and Stitch” Hip Hop I, Thursday 4:30, Mauricio Vaca

2:10        “A Whole New World”- Aladdin Kinder Ballet 4:30, Janette Borboa

2:20        “The Glow” Pre-Ballet, Saturday 9:15, Victoria Jimenez

2:30        “The Married Life”- Up Pre-Ballet, Saturday 10:45, Victoria Jimenez/Liliana Serrano

2:40        Bipidi Boppity Boo- Cinderella Creative Dance/Pre-Ballet Rancho, Wednesday

2:50        “Boo’s Lullaby” Pre-Ballet/Ballet I, Saturday 11:30am, Lilana Serrano

3:00        “Life’s a Happy Song”- Muppets Tap I, Friday 3:45, Victoria Jimenez

3:10        “Almost there”- The Princess & The Frog Tap/Jazz Monday 10:00am, Janette

3:20        “I Can’t Wait to be King”-The Lion King SPS Hip Hop,Wednesday 1:15, Renee Miranda

3:30        Stupid Cupid Junior Performing Team, Erica Lewis

3:40        “You, Me and the Beat” Intermediate Performing Team, Michele Igasan

3:50        “Immortals” Senior Performing Team, Erica Lewis

4:00        “One Jump Ahead” Aladdin Gym III/IV, Monday/Wednesday 5:30pm, Renee Miranda

                                                                                EVENING SHOW   6:30pm                                                                                                     

4:10        “I’ll Try”- Peter Pan Ballet/Jazz ANZA, Thursday 2:30, Carolina Jimenez

4:20        “When you wish Upon a Star/ We will be the Stars” All Per. Teams, Michele Igasan

4:30        “Little Wonders”- Meet The Robinsons Ballet III, Wed. 5:00pm, Ally/ Carly Frieders

4:40        “I Wonder”- Sleeping Beauty Ballet IV Teen, Saturday 11:30, Carolina Jimenez

4:50        “Sally’s Song”- Nightmare Before Christmas Ballet II/III, Sat 10:45, Carolina Jimenez

5:00        “Cinderella” Junior Ballet, Tuesday 5:30, Michele Igasan

5:10        “Still I Fly”- Planes Ballet II, Wednesday 4:15, Michele Igasan

5:20        “Somewhere Beyond the Sea” Tap II, Friday 4:30, Victoria Jimenez

5:30        “Once Upon a Dream”- Maleficent Monday Advance Ballet 5:30, Michele Igasan

5:40        “Take to the Sky” Intermediate Performing Team, Marissa Maquardson

5:50        “Merida”- Brave Junior Ballet, 4:30 Monday, Michele Igasan

6:00        “Alice in Wonderland” Advanced Pointe, Tuesday 4pm, Michele Igasan

6:10        “Reflection”- Mulan Ballet/Jazz III, Tuesday 5:00pm, Erica Lewis

6:20        “The Call”- Chronicals of Narnia Adv Lyrical/Jazz, Mon. 4:30, Marissa Maquardson

6:30        “Goofy Movie” HipHop II, Thursday 5:15, Mauricio Vaca

6:40        “Who I Am”- Disney Pirates Ballet/Jazz II, Tuesday, 3:30 Erica Lewis

6:50        “Tarzan” Hip Hop III, Thursday 6:15, Mauricio Vaca

7:00        “Route 66”- Cars Cheer Pom, Thursday 3:30, Janette Borboa

7:10        “With or Without You” Senior Performing Team, Marissa Maquardson

7:20        “Something That I Want”- Tangled  Jun Lyrical Mon 3:30pm, Marissa Maquardson

7:30        “Fanatasmic” Folklorico Wednesday 3:30 Janette Borboa and Kyra Trejo

7:40        “Pirates of The Caribbean Medley” Teen Lyrical, Sat 12:30pm, Carolina Jimenez

8:00        “Tron” Junior Performing Team, Marissa Maquardson

8:10        Leila, Ashley and Sierra

8:20        Ally, Sierra, Ashley and Tatum

8:30        Teagan, Victoria

8:40        Ally and Kelly