Disney Trip FAQ

What can dancers bring into Disney?

Only backpack style bags. Nothing else will be able to pass through the entrance.

*Hanging Dance bags will not be permitted. Hanging clothing racks will not be permitted.

When/Where will we meet on Sat. March 11th?

We will meet at 7:15 at the park entrance.

What if we are late on Saturday?

We cannot wait for anyone. If you are late you will have to wait in line and enter through the main entrance when they open.

What time will dancers perform on Saturday?

9:00am at Fantasy Land Theater

Can I go backstage with my dancer?

No. Parents will not be allowed backstage. There are no changing rooms and no full costume changes backstage. Please have your dancer wear a tan leotard under her clothes. She must also be prepared to change on her own.

When/Where will we meet on Sunday, March 12th?

9:30 at the entrance of Toon Town.

What if we are late on Sunday?

You will miss the class if you are late.

What do we wear to class on Sunday?

Please wear proper dance attire. Please represent with SDC shirts or tanks, leggings and any dance shoes including ballet, jazz or toe undies.

What time are the dancers done on Sunday?

You may pick up your dancer at 12:00.

Can dancers wear their costume into Disney?

No, you cannot enter Disney if you are in costume. Please come with hair and makeup done, a tan leotard and tights on underneath, with your street clothes over it.

What if we lose our tickets?

There will be nothing I can do if you lose your tickets. Please take a picture of the barcode just in case. If you lose your tickets you will have to go to the Disney entrance and will be required to purchase a new ticket at full price.

What if I didn’t order enough tickets?

You will be required to purchase any extra tickets at the Disney entrance at full price.

What is the hair style for my team?

Seniors- High bun

Juniors-Half up, half down

Minis- High bun

Hip hop- High bun, half up-half down or braids

What is the order we will dance?

I don’t know my name- Senior small group


Let it go-Juniors

Better when I’m dancing- Minis

Beta Dynasty- Hip Hop

I’m a mess-Trio

Stronger Together- Juniors

You and I- Seniors

Once we are done performing are dancers free to go?

Yes, you are free as soon as they are done performing on Saturday, and as soon as class is over on Sunday.

Can I take photos backstage?

No. Parents are not allowed backstage. Teachers that are backstage are NOT allowed to take photos or videos. Please take photos and videos from the audience.

When do we wear our SDC Disney Shirt?

You may wear them either day. Dancers will also get a T-Shirt from Disney so they will have one for each day.

When will we meet again after Disney?

The studio will be on spring break once we return. Classes will resume as usual on Sat. March 18th.


**********If at any point you need to contact me, my cell is 520-225-9221. You can also contact Mo, 520-904-1060 or Misty, 520-904-5574 if you cannot reach me.