2015 Dance Recital


The Dance Recital 2015 will be held May 23rd. Our theme this year is “Wish Upon a Star” All dances will be “Disney” themed. We order the costumes from dance costume catalogs. The costume companies make beautiful costumes and all parents are thrilled at the quality! Ordering costumes for the recital is a long and taxing process. It takes 4 to 5 months from when we order, for the costumes to arrive. We will be ordering costumes Nov. 30th this year. Recital costumes this year the will be $70. We will break down this payment into two, $35 payments
September 15th NON REFUNDABLE Recital costume deposit Fee: $35/Per student/ Per dance
November 15th Costume fee Balance:  $35/Per student/ Per dance.
Please also be aware:
Recital Participation Fee: $35/family, Due April 15th, All Costume Fees are Non-Refundable and Non-Negotiable
FORMS will be handed out this week at the studio, If your child is in a dance class, please fill one out.They will be due Sept 10th. 
It is the parent’s responsibility to communicate with the office staff as soon as your decision is made as to or not your child will be participating in the May Dance Recital. Parents will be held responsible for all charges to their account incurred due to failure of notifying office staff prior to deadlines. IF THIS FORM IS NOT RETURNED BY DUE DATE, IT WILL BE ASSUMED THAT YOUR STUDENT IS PARTICIPATING IN THE RECITAL AND NON-REFUNDABLE COSTUME FEES WILL BE CHARGED ACCORDINGLY! PLEASE COMPLETE ONE FORM FOR EACH OF YOUR STUDENTS!